VA Home Care


Why is this so important? 

Owner, Randy Harken is a Marine Corps Veteran that comes from a long line of family members that have served in the Armed Forces including Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Veterans that have served during World War II, Korean War and Viet Nam.
Being able to help fellow Veterans remain independent and happy in their own homes through VA Health Care is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling aspects of owning a home care agency.

How does it work?

As an authorized VA Community Care Network Provider, an eligible Veteran need only inform their physician that they select Happier Home Care as their home care provider.

Are there any costs to the Veteran for home care?

No. Once you are authorized for home care. We will be notified of the number of hours you qualify for weekly. Happier Home Care is then reimbursed directly by the VA and there are no ancillary expenses that Happier Home Care will bill the Veteran for. No overtime, no charge for supplies.

What is Veterans Affairs?

We are deeply committed to supporting our incredible Veterans in various ways, whether it’s offering assistance with their daily routines or being there as a trusted companion. Our caregivers possess a profound understanding of the distinct needs of former service members, including health conditions linked to their service and the mental health challenges they may face. Additionally, we are attuned to the unique norms and values often associated with military culture. Whether our caregivers are providing assistance with household tasks, meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation, or any other responsibilities, we are privileged to serve the senior Veteran community with the utmost respect and tailored care that they rightfully deserve.

To learn more, call the Happier Home Care office at 818-651-6679 and ask to speak with Randy. He can help you with your application and guide you to the appropriate resources.