Home Care Services

Whole Person Care Designed for Happiness and Fulfillment

As Mom and Dad age, they may need additional assistance in order to remain in the home and community they love. With customized home care in Glendale and nearby areas designed to provide this support, Happier Home Care is also committed to caring for the whole person – enhancing independence and self-confidence and creating an environment that brings joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

We help our clients with a wide range of personal care and practical tasks, but we also believe that it’s just as important to help older adults maintain their freedom and the connections they have established in their community. For example, a recent client who is a retired firefighter was no longer able to meet with his firefighting friends on his own. After starting to work with Happier Home Care, he is again able to safely meet his friends for breakfast several times per week.

We Focus on Living

Never a one-size-fits-all approach to care, we work to build a personal relationship with each of our clients in order to discover their passions and interests, incorporating these elements into the plan of care. 

Additionally, families find peace of mind in knowing that over 90% of our care team is vaccinated against COVID-19, and each member of our team is thoroughly screened, insured, and registered with the California Home Care Services Bureau.

We love saying “yes” to doing what makes a client happy, even if it requires a bit more effort and creativity. Whether it’s accompanying a client to the theatre, reminiscing while listening to a favorite jazz record, encouragement to restart an old hobby, or simply taking a drive together to rekindle an old memory, we go above and beyond just helping with the activities of daily living. We focus on helping clients to live a life that has meaning and enjoyment within the limitations they may be experiencing.

Our home care services include:

Companionship and Personal Care

Our highly-trained and friendly care team is skilled in helping older adults maintain independence. We can provide:

Meal Preparation and Housekeeping

Helping older adults keep their home environment orderly, neat, and clean helps provide peace of mind. We can help with:

Specialized Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia brings about a number of challenges for family caregivers. Our team is specially trained to help you meet these challenges while ensuring the older adult maintains purpose, safety, and dignity. We can help with:

Respite Care

Family caregivers are at their best when they have time to care for themselves. Our respite care services help family caregivers:

Whether you need support for a few hours weekly, for a long weekend away, or anything in between, our team provides the peace of mind of knowing that a loved one is well cared for so you can rest and recharge.

Physical Safety and Support

We know how important it is for older adults and their loved ones to have peace of mind in knowing that care needs are met and that safety is a priority. We provide:

Additionally, we are proud of our 90%+ COVID-19 caregiver vaccination rate, ensuring further safety for both clients and our staff.

Post-Surgical Care

Recovery at home is safer and more comfortable following a surgical procedure or hospitalization with the help of our skilled care professionals. Services are customized for each person’s particular needs and can include:

Payment Information

Your options for paying for home care can be confusing. Our staff are available to help you determine your options. Happier Home Care accepts the following payment options to cover the cost of services:

To learn more about how our home care in Glendale and nearby communities helps older adults have meaningful, engaged, and happy days, reach out to us at 818-651-6679 to learn more and to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.