Tips to Make the Home Safer for Stroke Recovery

Stroke recovery at home can be both an emotionally and physically challenging endeavor, and what you wish for most of all is to just get back to your regular life. Nevertheless, because over half of stroke survivors usually have some degree of disability, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in-home safety modifications may need to be made to make post-stroke life easier and safer.

The positive news is that there are some easy strategies that will enhance safety and accessibility for someone who is recovering from a stroke. Below are just a few post-stroke home revision recommendations from the care team at Happier Home Care:

Preventing Falls:

Around 40% of stroke survivors experience serious falls in the first year following their strokes. These recommendations can help prevent trips and falls in the individual’s residence:

  • Make sure that halls and walkways to the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen are clear so the person can move about easily
  • Consider platform lifts or stair glides for any stairways in the house 
  • Remove or secure loose rugs 
  • Place grab bars in the tub or shower
  • Mount a tub bench or shower chair
  • Put non-slip mats inside and outside the tub or shower

Ease Laundry Chores:

Doing laundry consists of a significant amount of reaching, lifting, bending, and pulling that may be overwhelming for a person recovering from a stroke. The techniques below can help:

  • Move the washer and dryer to a more convenient location in the home 
  • Consider stackable, front-loading machines that might be easier to reach
  • Put detergents and other laundry supplies in a spot that is easy to reach
  • Utilize an ironing board that folds down from the wall

Enhance Bedroom Safety:

The bedroom should be a place of safety and sanctuary. To ensure that it stays that way following a stroke, consider these ideas:

  • Install a light switch near the bed
  • Rearrange clothes and personal items to make sure they are easier to access
  • Keep a commode chair close to the bed

With our in-home safety evaluations and suggestions, Happier Home Care can help confirm that that a senior’s home is safe and secure for stroke recovery at home. As the top-rated provider of home care in Pasadena and the surrounding areas, our fully trained caregivers are here to provide the care and support needed to enhance stroke recovery and make life more streamlined. 

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