Good News: Veterans’ Benefits Cover Home Care Services! Do You Qualify?

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Many people believe that if you have Medicare, your costs for home care services will be covered when the need arises. But sadly, this is untrue. This expense is typically covered by private funds. There is one exception worth exploring, however. Veterans’ benefits cover home care services for those who meet certain criteria.

What Benefits Are Available to Qualifying Veterans to Cover Home Care Costs?

Veterans may qualify for home care benefits if they have:

  • An order from their doctor verifying the need for the aid and assistance of another person on a daily basis
  • Particular financial requirements that are met
  • A general or honorable discharge
  • Served a minimum of one day during an active war with no less than 90 days of service

It’s also important to know that a veteran’s surviving spouse may also qualify for spousal benefits.

How Can You Tell if You Qualify for These Benefits?

First, look into the Veterans’ Aid and Attendance program. This program assists wartime veterans and/or their spouses with the cost of home care when they meet very specific criteria. To be eligible, a person must:

  • Be bedridden, with their disability or disabilities necessitating staying in bed aside from any prescribed course of treatment or convalescence, or
  • Require assistance with performing daily activities of living, such as showering or bathing, getting dressed, using the restroom, eating, adjusting prosthetic devices, or staying safe in their daily environment, or
  • Be a resident of an assisted living facility as the result of physical or mental incapacity, or
  • Be blind, or have corrected visual acuity of 5/200 or worse in both eyes, or concentric contraction of the visual field of no more than 5 degrees

There are some instances when veterans may qualify for the Housebound benefit to cover the cost for care at home. This benefit is paid over and above a monthly pension, and is available to veterans who:

  • Have a permanent disability that is confirmed to be 100 percent disabling AND, because of this disability, are permanently and substantially confined to the home, or
  • Have a permanent disability that is confirmed to be 100 percent disabling AND, another disability, or disabilities, confirmed to be 60 percent or more disabling.

Veterans may not receive both Aid and Attendance and Housebound benefits together, and they need to be receiving a monthly pension to qualify for either of these benefits.

At Happier Home Care, it is our great honor to care for those who have so selflessly served our nation. We’re available to help ensure you receive all of the benefits to which you’re entitled to help with the expense of in-home care services. Find out if you qualify for veterans’ benefits to cover the cost of home care and then contact our home care experts at 818-651-6679 to secure home care services! Our services are available throughout Encino, Glendale, Burbank, and the surrounding areas in Studio City and the San Fernando Valley.